🇩🇪 Cranger Christmas market

  • 03. May 2022
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The eye catcher on the Cranger Christmas market cannot be missed! The ice surface on this market consists of several rinks; an oval ice rink and a curling playground, loved by young and old. Curling is an absolute must for groups, having fun!

About the Cranger Christmas market

The Cranger Weihnachtszauber is a theme market, unique in Germany, held at the “Cranger Kirmesplatz” in Herne, in the heart of the Ruhr area in Germany. With its overall concept, it offers a unique world of experience on 30.000 square metres and accepted by visitors as a family leisure park, where everyone is sure to find their personal favourite attraction.

Duration: 6 weeks | Ice rink: 240 meters | Curling rink: 12 meters

Objectives of the common project

  • Installation of a ring-shaped ice rink: “It’s awesome to see from top how the ice rinks in the centre of the market harmonise with our Christmas tree. The tree is one of the biggest mobile Christmas trees in the world (approx. 45 metres high) and magnificently illuminated with more than 2 million light points,” says Dominik Hertrich, from Cranger Weihnachtsveranstaltungs GmbH.
  • Combination of ice rink and curling rink
  • In time installation for the opening of the Christmas market


  • Extremely short slot for installation
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Decades of know-how: “With Intercom Dr. Leitner we have found a reliable and professional partner who designs the ice rink according to our special wishes and who is also up to the challenges of installation in the mobile market”, says Mr. Hertrich.


  • Ensuring the centrepiece of the market in the ice range: “To see the light in the children’s eyes, who skate around on the ice in the morning when school classes and kindergartens can use the ice rink at reduced prices, fills us with enthusiasm every time anew”, says Dominik Hertrich.


  • Happy on ice without interruption
  • Christmassy atmosphere through LED lighting in the ice: “Thanks to the LED lighting and the large media display, the ice rink also offers special visual highlights,” explains Dominik Hertrich
  • Guaranteed ice quality for the ice rink
  • Monitoring and remote control of the system with the ICEmaster ®

What’s the technical approach?

  • ICEmaster ®
  • Plug & play installation
  • Biological glycol
  • Ice processing machine

“We found a professional partner, therefore we will gladly implement the ice rink project again with Intercom Dr. Leitner, we are very grateful for the reliable cooperation”, the organizers said.

“The symbiosis of Christmas market, ice rinks, rides and much more makes the Cranger Weihnachtszauber so unforgettable and unique for more than 500.000 visitors.”

– Organizer Dominik Hertrich
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