๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Sporting Club Panda, Rom (IT)

  • 22. December 2022
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Ice rink technology from Realice delivers the best ice conditions even at high temperatures in Rome.

About Sporting Club Panda

In August 2021, a new ice rink including boards was built for the Sporting Club Panda in the heart of Rome. Our latest ice rink technology was installed to guarantee the best ice conditions even in Rome’s high temperatures.

The surface of the ice rink measures 60 m x 30 m and therefore fulfils the standards for official ice skating competitions. This ice rink in Rome, which meets the requirements and has been homologated by the Italian Ice Sports Federation (FISG), is open all year long.

Sporting Club Panda’s ice rink is the training ground for countless clubs, which can prepare themselves optimally for national and international competitions.


Lengthe: 60 meters | Width: 30 meters | Dasher board: Leitner Sport | Ice rink under tent construction

Aims of the project

  • Best ice conditions all year round: the new technology of the ICEplus ยฎ mats increases the flow by 100% and thus guarantees best ice conditions.
  • Rapid planning for the implementation of the ice rink including new boards
    Collectors in vertical version
    Dash board for mobile installations
  • Fulfilment of the prescribed national guidelines of the ice sports association FISG such as homologated boarding system


  • Ice rink that can be used all year round – summer and winter
  • Bringing ice sports closer to the population
  • Creating family-friendly added value
  • Training facilities for sports teams


  • Fast and professional planning and turnkey realisation of the ice rink including perimeter system
  • Continuous coordination with the customer on the planning and realisation progress
  • Perfect ice quality and durable products

Technical solution

  • Laying the collectors and connecting to the chiller
  • ICEplus ยฎ guarantees the best flow and therefore the best ice quality all year round
    – Financial advantages through energy cost savings
    – space savings
    – Short set-up and dismantling times
  • Homologated board system

“Despite outside temperatures of over 40ยฐC, we always had perfect ice conditions and even though our ageing refrigeration machine partially failed during the icing phase, Realice – Intercom Dr. Leitner still managed to ensure that our ice rink offered perfect conditions for our customers as soon as it opened.”

โ€“ Saverio Castellano, Operator of the ice rink in Rome
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