Refrigeration machines

Individual refrigeration systems for constant cooling and perfect ice.


For perfect ice

A perfect ice rink needs a refrigeration system that is adapted to its requirements. The basis for this is formed by a refrigeration machine that ensures constant cooling of the glycol/refrigerant gas. As a service partner of various producers we will find the perfect solution for your ice rink!

Our many years of experience in refrigeration technology

Various ice rink projects that are exposed to different climatic circumstances require a very high degree of refrigeration technology know-how, on the one hand, and an accordingly diverse variety of solutions, on the other hand. For the selection of the right refrigeration machine, we not only pay attention to a green, but also the most economical solution possible.  The solution should be as resource-efficient as possible and nevertheless very reliable, with the various external conditions. Large quantities of heat are generated as “waste” during refrigeration. Wherever possible, this is used by REALICE as heat recovery.

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