🇮🇹 A Christmas Magic, Mailano

  • 07. December 2023
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Temporary ice skating rink at the Allianz Miko exhibition centre in Milan – with a large course.

Italy’s longest covered ice rink

A magical path winds its way through the entire covered Christmas wonderland “A Christmas Magic” for explorers and skaters of all kinds. All the Christmas attractions can be reached on skates.


Duration: 5 weeks | Ice surface: 595 m² | Length: 35 m | Width: 17 m | Ice course Length: 250 m | Width: 5 m

Objective of the common project

  • Installation of a mobile ice skating rink, including dasher boards
  • Quick planning and implementation of a mobile ice rink
  • Manageable investment costs for the realization of the project
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Quick assembly and disassembly


Why work with Realice – Intercom Dr. Leitner?

  • Many years of experience in the design and construction of ice rinks
  • Professional, fast and uncomplicated project management
  • Maximum quality standards guaranteed by the internal production of many components
  • Implementation of customer specific requirements
  • Cutting-edge technologies that guarantee maximum energy efficiency and quality
  • Turnkey execution



  • Additional value for families
  • Creating a unique atmosphere in the Christmas wonderland
  • Longest covered ice skating rink in Italy


# leadingcustomerexperienceonice

  • Fast and professional planning and construction of the ice rink, including dasher boards
  • Coordination with the customer on the progress of the design and implementation
  • Impeccable ice quality and durable products


Technical solution


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