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  • 21. February 2020
  • Lesezeit: 5 Minuten

The Show must go on … “Art without ice“ is impossible to realize! The venue in Basel became too small, so the OC needed to move to the St. Jakobshalle.

Art on Ice in short

Art on Ice is a tour with top-class live musicians and top athletes in figure skating. A fantastic combination of both, that celebrates its 25th anniversary in February 2020. In recent years, Art on Ice became one of the most prestigious shows worldwide and visitors can look forward to a completely new show every year. For this reason, no compromises were possible… only a top ice surface is accepted.


Duration: 2 days | Lenght: 40 meters | Width: 25 meters| 10.000 visitors

We have to set up an extremely stable ice surface within a minimum of time in order that trucks can drive on it to continue their constructions – that’s about 15 tons of weight on 4 cm of ice.”

– Günther Alber, REALICE

Objectives of the common project

  • Installation of a perfect ice surface within less than 3 days
  • Ice must resist a huge weight as for the trucks to drive in
  • In time installation so that lighting and sound technology can be installed.

Why Intercom Dr. Leitner?


  • Many decades of experience in installing mobile ice rinks
  • Delivery and set up of the required technology within a very short time slot
  • Thanks to plug-and-play easiest implementation in the given structures and stage sets


  • Ensuring a perfect and safe ice surface for the ongoing tour


  • Perfectly coordinated preparation of the ice installation

What’s the technical approach?

Do you want to learn more about the tour? Here you get to the Art on Ice Showguide.

When top athletes dance to live music on the ice, I always get excited. It is so wonderful to attend this event and to shape it!”

– Gabriela Buchs, COO and project manager
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