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  • 03. May 2022
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Exactly 300 days after a momentous collapse of the Weihenstephan Arena in Sterzing, IT (on 10.02.2021) – the home of the HC Wipptal Broncos – there is a new solution for athletes and audience. Sounds unbelievable, but in fact Intercom Dr. Leitner – with its division REALICE – realized a new fully functional hall in record time.


Only a few meters next to the ruins, a new stadion was built in only 4 months time and offers now space for more than 700 fans. Intercom Dr. Leitner planned and coordinated the entire project. Work began in summer with the de-silting of the area and ended a few months later with the commissioning of the airdome. The refrigeration lines and ICEplus ® mat system as well as the installation of the new gang system were also part of the contract.

  • Planning of the facility
  • Realization of the substructure (asphalt track)
  • Installation of cooling lines and ICEplus ®
  • Delivery and installation of the new perimeter system
  • Installation of a state-of-the-art airdome including lighting


  • Planning & realization of a turnkey ice skating rink for sports and leisure activities
  • Commissioning before the start of the field hockey tournament season
  • Development of an adaptable and flexible solution for the future
  • Year-round best ice conditions for international and national competitions
  • New technology of ICEplus ® mats increases the flow by 100%, guaranteeing the best ice conditions
  • Fulfillment of the prescribed national guidelines of the ice sports association FISG and IIHF
  • Homologated boards
  • Compliance with all safety aspects
  • Professional lighting that meets the TV criteria+


  • Professional project support from start to handover of the turnkey project
  • Ability to realize a project of this size in 10-12 weeks
  • Many years of experience in the realization of ice stadiums
  • Compliance with all necessary safety criteria
  • State-of-the-art technologies that guarantee maximum energy efficiency, quality and durability
  • Price-performance ratio



  • Laying of the collectors and connection to the refrigeration machine
  • Laying of the collectors and connection to the refrigeration machine
  • ICEplus ® guarantees best flow and therefore best ice quality all year round
  • Financial advantages due to savings in energy costs
  • Space savings
  • Reduced installation and dismantling times
  • Homologated rink system
  • State-of-the-art airdome (3,200m²)
  • Low operating costs
  • Most innovative and sustainable ice technology
  • Digital remote control of the entire hall
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Attractive warranty periods


Already since the beginning of December 2021 – the same year of the collapse – tournaments have been held again and skating enthusiastic children as well as adults have the opportunity to pursue their passion again.

– Egon Gschnitzer, Sports Manager Sterzing Ice Stadium, Italy
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