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  • 03. May 2022
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A family hotel with its own ice rink for the guests … where can you find something like that? In South Tyrol, more precisely in Lüsen at the Hotel Sonnwies, a wonderful place for the whole family.

The family wellness hotel with its own organic farm in the idyllic Lüsen and surrounded by the Eisack Valley Dolomites, offers a very special holiday experience. With spacious wellness facilities and a huge natural playground as well as a wide range of offers. Beside the many leisure activities which are available around the hotel in South Tyrol, the farm itself has also a lot to offer to its guests. An indoor play area, a gym, pools with aquapark and in winter a ski slope and an ice skating rink outside of 200m².


Objectives of the common project

  • Ice skating rink directly in the hotel area, where in summer there is a beach volleyball field
  • Guaranteed ice quality until the end of the winter season
  • “We wanted to offer our customers an all-round skating package, so we were very happy to get also rental skates and the friendly skating aids. Further can also be organised for parents in the evening a curling tournament with a mulled wine.” said Lukas Hinteregger.

Why Intercom Dr. Leitner?


  • Many years of experience in the installation of mobile ice rinks
  • Delivery and complete installation of the required technology
  • By plug-and-play simplest and fast implementation in the already installed structures


  • Perfect and safe ice surface granted for the whole winter season
  • Investment opportunity
  • Added value for the hotel guests directly at the resort
  • Alternative leisure activities besides snowshoe hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, etc.


  • Attractive and safe design of the ice rink: “Thanks to the surface on the dashboards, we were able to place various advertising messages to promote the connection to our hotel, the holiday region and also the skating fun.”

What’s the technical approach?

  • Cooling system rental


“In summer, you can play beach volley on this field and during the winter season on the same area, we offer our guests a special experience. A professional ice rink! This way, young and old can skate directly in the resort for an all-round holiday pleasure.”

– Family Hinteregger
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